(How To Build A Shed Base With Paving Slabs)

Paving Slab Shed Base

Need help building a paver shed foundation? These free plans include easy-to-follow instructions with colorful diagrams to help guide you. 

With these free easy-to-build plans, you will learn how to build a shed base with paving slabs or stones for your shed.  Even beginner DIY enthusiasts can feel confident in their handyman and construction skills. This is a 9 x 11 foot shed base but can easily be adapted to any size foundation needed.

These Plans Include Detailed Diagrams For:
  • X-ray perspective
  • Sizing the foundation
  • Site preparation
  • Perimeter install
  • Laying the base
  • Laying the slab floor
  • Perimeter section
Paving Slab Shed Base
Before you start any building project, make you have all the necessary tools, materials and equipment you will be needing in advance. This will make your building endeavors go smoother and easier.

1. Paver shed foundation X-ray

Paver shed Foundation Xray

2. Sizing the foundation

Paving Slab Site prep

3. Site preparation

Paver Shed Foundation Site prep

Tip:  To avoid broken pavers, make sure to level the ground very evenly for a stable base.

4. Perimeter Install

Paver Shed Foundation perimeter install

5. Laying the base

Paver Shed Foundation Base

6. Laying the pavers

Paver Shed Foundation Laying Base

7. Perimeter section

Paver Shed Foundation Perimeter section

To sum up, we hope this has helped you. Whether you are a beginner DIY builder or a veteran, you are sure to find these plans helpful in learning how to build a shed base with paving slabs. There is nothing more rewarding than building a permanent outdoor storage shed structure with your own two hands. Outdoor storage buildings also add value to your home and land.

Although these plans’ dimensions are 9 x 11 foot shed base, they can easily be adapted to any size foundation required.

Don’t forget to check with your HOA on zoning rules in your neighborhood to select a good location for your new shed. And before you begin, make sure you have all the proper tools and materials you will be needing in advance. You and your family will enjoy the extra space to store tools, sports equipment, gardening and pool supplies, even lawn mowers, motorcycles, bicycles and ATVs for generations to come.

Please enjoy this free paver shed foundation plan and happy building!

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