shed ground anchors

We will save you a lot of time and effort by comparing the best ground anchors for sheds and storage shed anchor kits. In this guide, we rate according to strength and durability, ease of assembly, material, and popularity. We have included installation videos where possible.


#1 ShelterLogic Auger 4 Piece 30″ Heavy Duty Steel Earth Auger Anchor Kit with 4 Clamp-on Wire Tie-Downs

  • BUILT TO LAST: Constructed of heavy duty powder-coated steel to prevent rust and corrosion and can be reused, soil anchor
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Corkscrew spiral design helps to spin easier in the ground and provides a strong bond once it’s in place to secure your shelter, large canopy, instant garage, tent or RV 

The Details:

  • To install, a cranking tool, metal rod, or steel pipe is required to insert through the eyehole to spin.
  • Includes: (4) 30-inch earth augers, (4) clamp-on wire tie-downs
  • 30 inch auger stakes with 3 inch diameter helix disk and 3/8 inch shaft
  • Can be used in unpacked soil, hard packed soil, asphalt, clay, dirt, sand, grass and gravel
  • Heavy-duty steel construction, comes with all hardware and coiled wire connectors
  • Designed to withstand hurricane force winds
  • Quick clamp on wire tie-downs install in minutes to legs for a rock solid connection
  • It is recommended to have one anchor per leg of the shelter for proper stability
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Customer service toll free phone #

The Video:

Installation Hacks for Installing ShelterLogic Auger Anchors

#2 Abba Patio Spiral Ground Anchor Stake for Securing Sheds, Powder-Coated Solid Steel

  • Comes with a twisting rod for easy installation, soil anchors
  • Surface treatment spray is not easy to rust (compared to other home galvanizing)
  • Equipped with an adjustable length tensioner for easy fixing and can be used in a variety of scenarios

The Details:

  • 4 Augers are made of stainless steel and are 16 inches long with 3 in” helix disk 
  • Twisting rod (included) goes through eye-hole of stake to twist into ground
  • 4 Tension clamps are anti-rust plated
  • Tiger powder sprayed for weather resistance
  • Straps are polyester webbing to help endure sun and rain
  • Designed to withstand harsh weather exposure: sun, rain, snow, wind
  • Digs thru rocky soil well, can use in packed soil, clay and gravel
  • Holds strong in high winds

#3 4″ Earth Anchor (4 Arrow Anchor Set) W/3/16″ Cable Assembly with Drive Rod

  • MILITARY TOUGH! 4 Anchor Set Comes with: 4- 4″ Earth Anchors with 3/16″ x 30″ Cable assembly with thimble eye, soil anchor
  • 36″ Drive rod tool 2,300 pull out resistance at 30″ depth in hard pan soil
  • NOTES: Arrowhead Anchors are well suited for stiff, rocky or unknown soils

The Details:

  • Unique arrowhead shaped anchor tips for easy soil penetration
  • Made of 356 T6 heat treated aluminum
  • Each cable is 2.5 feet (30″) in length and made with galvanized aircraft cable assembly
  • Made by Milspec Anchors LLC that is known for their strength and durability
  • Comes with a steel drive rod tool that makes it easy to drive into the ground 
  • For use in dirt, clay, gravel, rocky soil and hard pan soil

The Video:

Installation Instructions for Arrowhead Anchors

#4 Ashman Ground Anchor with 50 Ft of Galvanized Wire with Clamps – for Securing Sheds; Powder-Coated Solid Steel Auger – Pack of 4

  • GREAT VALUE: Auger set includes 4 ground soil anchors 15 Inches in length and 0.5 inches in diameter with 50 feet of galvanized wire and pouch full of clamps
  • PREMIUM METAL: With strong weld points on the ground anchor it makes it virtually indestructible and with the thick powder coating will make it last a lifetime

The Details:

  • Black powder coated auger stakes are made of top quality metal for long-lasting durability
  • Ideal for securing tie down ground structures like sheds, car ports, gazebos, cabins, garages and small buildings
  • 50 Feet of Wire and 8 clamps
  • Easy to install, designed to easily penetrate the soil by inserting the helix edge in the ground by hammering the top and rotating with a small rod or piece of wood until it gets fully inserted in the ground, keeping the ground wet makes the job easier
  • Pull force performance: each 15 inch anchor produces up to 475 pounds
  • Life span of anchor or its wire is not limited by sun light exposure.
  • No questions asked guarantee

#5 Duckbill 88-DB1 Earth Anchor – Pack of 6 – Includes 1 Drive Steel Tool

  • Recommended Working Load in Normal Soils: 3000 lbs.
  • 42″ Cable Length x 1/4″ Cable Diameter
  • Wire Rope Capacity: 6100 lbs.
  • Standard Installation Depth: 42″

The Details:

  • Aluminum head drive soil anchors are corrosion resistant
  • Unique duckbill shaped anchor is similar to a toggle bolt
  • Driven into the ground using the drive steel tool and will firmly secure items to the ground without the need to dig holes or pour concrete
  • Each cable is 3.5 feet long and made of galvanized steel
  • Wire rope breaking strength is 7000 lbs.
  • For use in hard soil, rocky, gravel, clay, normal grassy soil
  • Use a hammer and the Drive Steel Tool to drive the Earth Anchor into the ground, remove the steel tool and pull up on the cable to set the toggle
  • Ideal for sheds, gazebos and outdoor garden buildings
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove and re-locate

The Video:

Installation Instructions for Duckbill Anchors – 1
Installation Instructions for Duckbill Anchors – 2

#6 Arrow Shed AK4 Earth Anchor Kit, 4 Augers, Cable & Clamps

  • Contains quantity of 4 20-inch heavy duty steel augers, 60-feet of cable, and 4 cable clamps
  • A force of 1,500 lb is need to remove soil anchors from the ground

The Details:

  • Will work with all shed bases, not just Arrow sheds
  • Augers are 20 inches long, made of heavy duty galvanized steel
  • Eyelet measures 1 in. which gives plenty of room to use a crow bar to screw the auger into the ground
  • Good for dirt, sand, packed soil; not good for clay or rocky soil
  • Designed to withstand hurricane force winds
  • Cable is 1/8″ thick airline cable, 60 ft
  • Ideal to secure sheds, gazebos, tents and carports

The Video:

Installation Instructions for Arrow Shed Anchors

#7 Ashman Black Ground Anchor (8 Pack) 15 Inches in Length and 10MM Thick in Diameter with 25 Feet of Rope

  • GREAT VALUE WITH NUMEROUS USES: Package includes 8 Ground Anchors which are 1/4 inch in diameter and 15 inches tall and they are packaged in brown box along with 25 feet of Rope. 
  • SOLID METAL: Great construction on these strong soil anchors which have thick black powder coating. The ground anchors are rust resistant and made of solid premium metal and will last for a several years to come.
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: Ashman offers high quality products for outdoors and lawn & garden and always trying to exceed expectations and offering impeccable customer care. 

The Details:

  • Augers are made of cold, rolled steel and black powder coated for durability and strength, 15 inches long
  • Can re-used over and over again
  • Ground anchor tie downs are good for structures like sheds, travel trailers, cabins, garages, trampolines, kid’s swing sets, slides, canopies, campers and fences
  • The diameter of the blade is approximately 3″
  • Life span of anchor system is not limited by sun light exposure
  • Last for years & years with proper care
  • Rope Guides provide additional safety and flexibility in controlling location/positioning of ropes
  • Good for grass, loose dirt, rocky soil, packed dirt and sand; not good for clay
  • No questions asked return policy

The Video:

Installation Instructions for Ashman Anchors

#8 Mobile Home Part Set of 4 Auger Anchors; 4-8 ft Tie Down Strap, 4 Bolts

  • 4 – 30″ Double Disk Anchor, 3/4″ Shaft, 30″ Double, 4″ Disk Earth Anchor With Double Fastening And Tensioning
  • 4 – 8 Foot of Tie Down Strap with Frame Clamp
  • 4 – Mobile Home Anchor Bolt w/Nut

The Details:

  • Knurled bolt increases friction between strap and bolt shaft for greater strength than smooth bolts. Slotted for use with strap
  • Designed to be augured into extremely hard soil. Recommended for soil classes 2 & 3
  • They are HUD compliant
  • Augers have TWO helix disks unlike most augers that have just one
  • Diameter of disk is 4 inches, compared to most that are 3 inches
  • 30 inch (2.5 ft) auger anchor is twice as long as most ground anchors
  • For easier installation it is best to wet ground as you go.

The Video:

How To Tie Down Shed with Mobile Home Anchors

To see windmap for United states and your area, CLICK HERE.

To sum it up, whichever ground anchor kits or storage shed anchor kits you choose to make your backyard needs more enjoyable and safe, we hope this guide has been helpful. After all, you want your outdoor storage shed to last for generations to come, so tie down and anchor it well. Thank you for reading and be safe. Anchors away!

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